Municipal services

Meløy commune itself is the biggest enterprise in the municipality, with lots of different functions.

The following are part of the municipality’s main responsibilities:

Schools: Basic school extends over 10 grades, and constitutes the basic education that Meløy commune is responsible for to appropriate for every inhabitant of Meløy. Everywhere in the municipality there are different schools, located on the mainland as well as on some of the islands. Basic school is based on the principle of equality, and has a focus on educating everybody, as a comprehensive school hosting everybody equally.

Kindergartens: Meløy commune provides with a complete coverage of kindergartens, as it has kindergartens all over the municipality. Every child from the age of 1 on has the right to get a place in a kindergarten. In Meløy, new children are being admitted once a year, with the application deadline being 1st of March. It is possible to apply for a place in a kindergarten outside that deadline, too.

Public health service: Meløy commune is responsible for medical care, midwifery, psychiatric care, child protection and the mobile home health care. Medical care is, just as schools and kindergartens, decentralized, and is easily to be reached for every inhabitant. It is the municipality’s responsibility, to offer good and responsible medical care for everybody who requires it, not depending on neither age nor diagnosis. The municipality’s health care supply includes health enhancing as well as preventive measures, as well as supporting measures for the health of everybody constantly or temporarily residing in Meløy commune.

Mobile home health care: The municipality is responsible for the running of the hospital for people who are not able to live on their own, at home, as well as for the mobile home health care, which offers support to those who require health care at home. It is the municipality’s responsibility to provide with good and responsible health care- and social services for everybody who requires those, not depending on neither age nor diagnosis.

Library: Meløy commune’s main public library is located in Ørnes. The library is responsible for supporting enlightenment, education, and other cultural aspects, by providing information, and by making available books and different according materials for free.

Culture: The cultural department has its focus on making Meløy a municipality where you can enjoy growing up in good surroundings, and which offers positive cultural adventures and experiences, also including sports and outdoor recreation. The cultural department includes the following fields of activity:

  • Sports and physical education
  • Activities for children and teenagers, incl. leisure clubs
  • Preservation of sites of historic interest
  • Library
  • Den kulturelle skolesekken (“The cultural school bag”)
  • Den kulturelle spaserstokken (“The cultural walking cane”)
  • Cultural events and the festival “Sommerdagan” in Meløy
  • Salten Kultursamarbeid (“Cultural cooperation in Salten”)

Water and drainage: The municipality is responsible for the supply of water and drainage in many areas in the municipality.

 Road engineering: The municipality owns and maintains all of the municipal streets. There are furthermore some streets which Nordland Fylkeskommune is responsible for.

Meløy city hall: The municipal administration is located at the Meløy city hall in Ørnes. At the city hall, you have the opportunity to get information personally or via telephone, concerning house building, leasing, measurement of premises, as well as other municipal services as explained earlier.

You can reach the municipality’s service point at the city hall Monday- Friday 08:00-15:00 o’clock.

Tel.: +47 75 71 00 00


Non-municipal services:
Meløy also offers higher education at Meløy videregående skole (Meløy high school). It is not subordinated the municipality’s resposibility, but Nordland Fylkeskommune’s.

The same is the case with dental care service. There is dental care service centrally in Meløy, but the responsibility lies with Nordland Fylkeskommune.


Meløy kommune
Gammelveien 5
+47 75 71 00 00